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SOLIDCast - Casting Simulation Software

SOLIDCast is being used by over 500 companies worldwide.
No other Casting Simulation software offers power, ease of
use and accuracy like SOLIDCast.

See how your casting will solidify before you make
expensive molds or patterns, dies and costly mistakes.

SOLIDCast - Casting Simulation Software

SOLIDCast Casting Simulation software is the world’s most popular pc-based solidification modeling system and cast design software used in the casting industry. SOLIDCast is developed after analyzing and focusing on the real time issues & problems when designing and making solid casts. Unlike other software engineers who come from academic backgrounds, the software engineers who develop this Casting Simulation software have actual experience in foundries and casting industry. They have been applying their experience since 1985 to improve SOLIDCast Casting Simulation software and SOLIDCast family of products. Their combined experience in Software engineering and foundries has made SOLIDCast the most practical software for casting industry.

OPTICast: A Casting Optimisation Module

OptiCast is used for optimizing your results and it works with the initial models created with SOLIDCast Casting Simulation software. Using OptiCast module of SOLIDCast family, the foundry engineer can start with an initial design and allow the computer to do the work of modifying the design and running simulations to achieve an optimum result.

FLOWCast: Fluid Flow Modeling using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

FLOWCast is an extra module of this Casting Simulation software family which works in conjunction with the models created by SOLIDCast.

Flow modeling module FlowCast allows you to view a simulation of how the molten metal will flow through gating systems and fill the casting cavity in the mold and analyze your casting and gating design to predict and minimize flow-related defects due to premature solidification, or oxide formation or mold erosion due to excessive velocities during filling. FlowCast module of SOLIDCast family allows a quick simulation for assumptions and a full simulation option is a full-featured CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation of flow, based on solution of the Navier-Stokes equations for fluid flow. You can view progressive temperature, fluid velocity and fluid pressure during the fill, from any angle of view by using this software.

SOLIDCast: Downloads

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SOLIDCast: Benefits

SOLIDCast casting simulation software offers a number of benefits to the casting industry, few benefits among many other are mentioned bellow:

  • Thermal changes caused by heat transfer in the solidification process of casting can be modeled using SOLIDCast Casting Simulation software.
  • With the help of SOLIDCast, the user can visualize the solidification process of a particular cast on their computer screen.
  • Possible problem areas and defects that might occur during the casting process can be seen as visual outputs with the help of SOLIDCast Casting Simulation software.
  • One can shorten the trial casting stage and minimize the lead time if he is using SOLIDCast Casting Simulation software.

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